Iron Man

When your friend runs into Robert Downey Jesus Christ Jr.

Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I had a stroke when I wasn’t even there…

Of course I’m not in Los Angeles right now, OF COURSE. Anyway… my friend went to In-N-Out. He noticed a bomb-ass Audi in the parking lot but didn’t think too much of it other than wanting to pet it generously & possibly have a wet-dream about it.

Once inside he gets in line behind a man with a hat on. There’s a large group of teenagers infront of them both & my friend’s initial reaction was ‘why are they all looking at me?’ Well they aren’t you pompus fuck, Robert Downey Jr. is in front of you & you’re the last to know.

So hat-man gets to the register but quickly whips around, smiles (you know one of those classy smiles) & says "Why don’t you go ahead of me?


Then heavens parted and the angels began to sing because HOLY FUCK, THAT’S ROBERT MOTHER FUCKING JUSTDON’TSAYANYTHING JR.


Managing to avoid going into cardiac arrest my friend said thanks & stepped infront of him. Naturally, he tried to down-play the situation & play devil’s advocate because NO FUCKING WAY. So, he used this checklist to determine if this was in fact Tony Stark that had just spoken to him:

Is he wearing goofy clothes? Check.


Is he shorter than me? Check.


Is he wearing goofy see-through sunglasses? Check.


Is he wearing a goofy hat? Check.


So he sat down to wait for his food. At this point my phone started blowing up with texts & pictures, but I was at work… I’m sure he was gawking at Robert like any normal person whose seen Iron Man 3 7 times would, desperately trying to calculate his sanity without shouting & giving anything away. image

BUT THEN, Robert came and sat down right next to him!!!!!1!! He had to squeeze in though because apparently it was crowded or some shit. Then he accidently bumped into my skateboard (I wasn’t there once again but my friend rode my board for some reason destiny.) & apologized before getting up to grab his food. THE END.

Now obviously, I’m obscenely pissed off & jealous. (This lucky assclown has seen Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Daniel Craig & now RDJ) That’s endlessly annoying to me.


I’ll be okay.


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Seriously though, why aren’t there any decent Avengers or Iron Man rp groups? Someone just employ me again.

I’ll be over here brooding.

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I finally downloaded a ripper software so I’m trying to narrow down a song to use for a Tony Stark video to make after finals. I’m thinking something off the new album. Requests?

Where the hell do you get clips of Iron Man 3?image

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The all-new one in Iron Man 3 represents the most advanced version yet - particularly in how Tony Stark suits up. "Now we see he’s invented a technology that allows him to basically have the suit arrive to him anywhere at any time, piece by piece," Feige says. "And it doesn’t always work at first."

That explains the concept art of him with only the gauntlet on whilst still sounding a bit like Extremis.

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Anonymous asked
You're awesome and flawless and now have a neon pink Iron Man suit. You're welcome.

That’s oddly generous, but just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Iron Man, fighting for women’s breasts everywhere.

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missed you, sexy beast.

I missed you too.

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